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6 Easy Thrift Shop Halloween Looks

By: Morgan Malget

With Halloween fast approaching, many people are scrambling to find the perfect costume, or maybe just a costume at all. Sure it would be easy enough to go to the Halloween outlet and buy a costume, but that can be expensive and you may end up wearing the same thing as someone else at a party. Thrift shopping is your answer to finding a unique, inexpensive costume. Here are six thrift-shopped Halloween costumes and a few helpful tips to create your own!

Photos by Cara Vargas

1. Biker: If you can find a leather jacket you are sure to be able to pull together this easy biker look. Just find a black top and black pants and you'll look bad to the bone.

2. Cave Woman: Look for a statement piece that is an animal print and pair it with neutral tones. Tease your hair to really get the Stone Age look!

3. Mime: All you need for this simple look is a striped shirt, which is super common to find in a thrift shop. Pair it with your favorite black pants and add a monochromatic makeup look to finish it off.

4. Hippie: Find a groovy, fun colored and patterned top, and pair that with a suede or fringe jacket. Adding round sunglasses can add major hippie vibes to this look as well!

5. School Girl: Find a plaid skirt and a sweater top or sweater vest and you'll have the school girl look down! You can also pair it with knee socks and pig tails for the full effect.

6. Fraternity Boy: The frat boy look is simple, but it's sure to get big laughs. Find an over sized polo, a pair of cargo shorts, and turn that hat to the side. You might even get mistaken as a pledge.

Here are a few tips for when you're looking to create your own unique costume:

  • Look for statement pieces that you can build off of such as the cheetah skirt or leather jacket.

  • Searching for pieces that you think you will wear again is ideal and a cost saver.

  • Don't forget about the crazy things you can find in thrift stores and don't be scared to get a little wild and think outside of the box.

*All outfits from Super Thrift


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