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6 Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

Consider these creative ideas when shopping for your significant other this holiday season!

By: Desiree Atkins and Emily Fate

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking of what to get your significant other. Holidays aren’t solely about receiving or giving gifts, but we all get a warm, fuzzy feeling when someone we cherish gives us a great gift. This holiday season, be original and thoughtful when picking a gift for your significant other.

Stress-Relieving Spa

Life gets a little rough, so consider buying your partner a gift certificate to a spa. Most spas offer different packages and deals that you can choose from, so pick one that correlates to what your loved one would enjoy most. Glo Salon & Spa in Stillwater is a great place to start. You can buy your significant other a “Glo Gift Certificate” for spa or salon services for any amount that you choose. If this is out of your budget, create an at-home spa with dim lights, candles, face masks and the lavender jams playlist on MODMuze's Spotify.

Taking Photos Further

Are you really dating if you don’t have selfies galore on both of your phones? Take some time to print those photos out and create a photo album or order a blanket with photos of you both together. For a funny twist, personalize a PopSocket with a photo of you making a funny face or their favorite pet. Trust me, they’ll love it! Look at the many options online and in stores to find the best deals for these gifts.

Photo: Jill Cope

Stationary Plus

We all do a lot for the people we love, and sometimes it goes unnoticed. Make your significant other feel special by writing them a sweet note or letter of affirmation in a notebook or notepad before gifting it to your partner for them to use. Typo Market in downtown Stillwater has an abundance of adorable stationary and additional artsy items to make your notes extra special.

Books and Bonding If your significant other is a book lover, buy them a gift card or a few books that they’ve been talking about. For a more personal touch, take your partner shopping at Bliss Books & Bindery in downtown Stillwater then hop over to Balanced Coffee Co. to read together.

Technology with a Twists

If it’s in your budget, buy your significant other a new gadget! Ranging from phones, watches, fit bits, tablets, headphones and more. The iPhone XS Max just released and we hear it’s pretty rad. But if a new phone isn't what they need, to keep track of their current device, consider getting them a Tile Mate. It connects to your smartphone and will ring when your phone is nearby but out of sight even when it's on silent, and it's only about $25. For a more fashionable take on technology look at a leather tassel charging cable that cost $60. It's cute and practical!

sterling sweetheart ring $32

Specialized Jewelry

Rings, earrings, bracelets, watches or necklaces are a classic gift. This year, consider purchasing jewelry unique to your loved one. Check out The Vintage Pearl, a jewelry store in Tulsa that makes customized jewelry. It also offers great gift options for mothers.

While these gift ideas are great for significant others they can also be used for family members and friends! We all appreciate well thought out and meaningful gifts during the holidays.


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