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Adventures in Stilly

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Fun ideas for your next date night or girls night out

By: Konnor Smith

Stillwater may appear to some as a small town with little to do for fun, but for those with a glass half full perspective, there lies a world of endless possibilities. Here are a few of our ideas to help fill your question of what to do for the next girls night out or date night!

Botanic Garden Photoshoot

Visit the Botanic Garden provided by Oklahoma State’s very own horticulture and landscape architecture department. Here you can find an array of plants native to Oklahoma and much more. You can enter for free and snap some Instagram worthy pictures with your pals. Open house is the first and third Saturday of the month, May through November. It is open from 9 am - 3 pm.

Thrift Shop Swap

Go to Goodwill with your significant other/gal pals and pick out a fabulously tacky outfit for the other person to wear to dinner or just throughout the night. Finding the outfits is a fun adventure, and you might even find that perfect pair of Levi’s to cut off or a vibrant retro windbreaker. Whether you go thrifting for a cute new addition for your wardrobe or a tacky outfit, you are giving back to a good cause and choosing sustainable options. Goodwill is open until 9 pm every day but Sunday.

Grab a Bite to Eat

It’s sure to be a fun time with friends if the night starts off with a plate of peppered bacon cheese fries from Eskimo Joe’s, or the Boz pizza from Hideaway. You could also try Nagoya or Thai Cafe if you're wanting to try something less traditional. After that, Blue Spruce has the perfect gelato for dessert.

Photo Courtesy of Sayde Saunders

The Tumbleweed

Strap on your dancing shoes or your boots! Go to the Tumbleweed with your favorite cowboy or gal pals, and try out some new swinging dance moves. Catch some of your favorite red-dirt artists like Parker McCollum, Casey Donahew and Josh Abbott Band. This also gives you an excuse to buy a new outfit that’s cowgirl chic.

Just Hanging Out

Grab your favorite snacks, a laptop, a hammock, a blanket and some close friends. Boomer Lake is the perfect spot to curl up in your hammock for a relaxing movie night. This is the perfect way to “hang out” on a budget.

AMC Theater

Catch the latest movies at our local movie theater and grab a large popcorn and soda to share with your friends to complete the experience. Don’t forget to bring your student ID so you can get a discount on your ticket.

Stillwater has so many hidden gems that are ready to provide adventure. Hopefully, this has given you an idea on how to find it. Date night or girls night out does not have to be expensive. With good company, fine food and a pretty view, you can make memories no matter where you are.


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