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Essentials for Skin Care

Learn the benefits of using oils in your skincare routine for a natural glow.

By: Maria Mancera

You have 80 percent control over how your skin ages, according to scientists at Mary Kay. Besides environmental factors like pollution, you have control over other key factors affecting your skin.

Lifestyle is the most influential factor to the skin's appearance, which includes sleep, diet, stress and of course your skin care regimen. With winter coming around, it's a great time to start including oils in your skin care routine. Oils are tricky, but through trial and error you can find the ones that work for you.

It's worth noting that washing your face before bed is also incredibly important for your skin's appearance. A great makeup remover is coconut oil. Add it to a cotton swab or massage it on your face with clean hands and watch your makeup melt away.

According to Medical News Today, tea tree oil is one essential oil that can help treat acne. You can add a few drops to your usual face wash, or add it directly to a problem area. If you want to cleanse a big problem area like chest or back, you can add some drops to a cotton swab and apply it directly.

Vitamin E oil has a history of helping scars by providing moisture and promoting the growth of new skin, according to Healthline. It can be applied to healing scars or, more specifically, breakout scars.

Photo: Erin Williams, Model: Daniela

Argan oil is pretty safe for all skin types from oily to dry because it isn’t too heavy or too light. During winter is can be used as a moisturizer and is known for helping acne.

Jojoba oil resembles sebum, the oil naturally produced by your skin, according to the Dr. Axe website. It's a non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores, so jojoba can be used to balance your skin and moisturize.

It's especially important to use oils during the winter when skin tends to become dry. Most, if not all, of the oils mentioned above can be used as moisturizers. Of course it all depends on your skin type, so do more research on beauty oils based on your skin and decide which ones are best suited for you.

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