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If you are looking for a fitness class try Taylor Vanmeter’s Barre or Hip-Hop classes offered at the Colvin. This stylish instructor has a wardrobe to match the intensity of her workouts.

By: Jessica Hoover

Getting back into a fitness routine after the holiday’s can be a hard and dreaded adjustment. Many have found that working out with a group led by an instructor can help motivate and hold them accountable for getting that good workout in every week. Lots of gyms offer classes ranging from yoga to kickboxing. The Department of Wellness at Oklahoma State University offers numerous classes to allow members to choose from a wide variety of workouts throughout the day. We had the opportunity to speak with Taylor VanMeter who teaches Barre and Hip-Hop on Wednesday’s at the Colvin Recreation

Center. Taylor has been teaching both classes since her freshman year in college. She has been a competitive dancer her whole life, which led to her interest in instructing these fun dance-based classes. While she’s not teaching at the Colvin she is an instructor at Thriller Dance Studio in Stillwater. If you’re looking for a new class to try, these two classes are worth checking out. Barre focuses on core strength and high repetitions of small intense movements and holds’; stretching is also an important aspect of the class to help generate a toned and flexible body. Taylor said she hopes everyone who comes to her Barre class gets a good work out in, and also asks questions! She wants to be sure people are doing the exercise correctly so that they are working the right muscles and getting the most out of their workout.

Here Taylor is pictured wearing Lululemon leggings, she says this brand is her favorite. This fit fashionista wears a Forever 21 crop top to complete her fresh look. Chic Adidas complete her workout ensemble. Barre Hip-Hop Class “Don’t be timid, Barre is a different stye of workout. Come IN, Don’t Be shy.” Her advice to beginners coming to Barre is “don’t be timid, Barre is a very different style of workout,” Taylor says. “Come in, don’t be shy and try the workouts to the best of your ability. Once you get started it’s not so bad!” Another option to get your heart rate up on a Wednesday night is Taylor’s Hip-hop class. “In Hip- hop, all I’m focused on is having a good time,” she says. You can think of it as a big dance party. Even if you have no dance experience Hip-hop is a great way to just have some fun after a long day and get a good workout in while doing it. Taylor’s Hip-hop class is an hour and fifteen minutes of fun. “Stay focused and present,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if you get the combo right, just have fun!” Taylor usually works out five days a week and says her best workouts are on Wednesday when she is teaching Barre and Hip-hop. Her best advice to those just getting started with a workout routine is to stay focused and always ask questions!


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