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How To Style Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

Be yourself in a funky, silly or ugly sweater this holiday season!

By: Sydney Harrison

Holiday or Christmas party season is upon us. The weather is getting colder and a winter staple is sweaters. “Ugly” sweaters or Christmas sweaters have been popular since the mid 20th century, where the obnoxious sweaters seemed to pop up in multiple holiday movies. Many people tend to wear them more ironically to Christmas parties or even just as a fun fashion statement. Christmas sweaters are always a fan favorite by making friends laugh and giggle at just how ridiculous or so-ugly-its-cute your sweater is. These sweaters don’t necessarily have to be “ugly,” they could just be tacky or loud. The problem with these sweaters is that it could be hard to make the outfit cute with an “ugly” sweater. You don’t want too many aggressive pieces when the sweater is your main focus. If your sweater is loud or busy, the rest of your outfit should try and compliment the main piece, without taking away from it.

How to style an “ugly” holiday sweater:

- If the busy sweater has a pattern, you could wear a denim dress over to make it a more thought out outfit.

- If your sweater has a lot of 3D pieces, pair with something simple. Like cute cut-off jeans and booties. Nothing too crazy when you have a crazy sweater.

- If you live in a warmer area where jeans and sweaters might make you sweat, go for the biker short look under your funky sweater. You’re still keeping it simple but allowing yourself to look cute and cool.

- Another cute piece for styling your funky sweater would be a cute skirt. Long, short or even a midi! Skirts are a fun piece that basically can look cute with anything. A solid color could be perfect for your fun sweater.

- If you want to be kind of crazy and silly, wear the funky 3D sweater with your leopard pant! Be confident in yourself and totally go for it!

Really, sweaters and how you wear them are totally up to you. You cannot go wrong with a cute or even “ugly” sweater during the holidays. Whatever makes you comfortable and confident is the right thing to wear. The holidays are all about being with your loved ones and feeling joyful, wear something that makes you feel like your most joyful self! Whether that be with a cute sweater denim dress combo or a funky sweater midi skirt combo! Make the most out of the last couple weeks of 2019 and really be yourself in what you wear!

Photos by: Darcey Drullinger


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