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Interior Inspirations: Country Chic College Interiors

Wanting to get the perfect, cozy and comfortable feel to your rental house? Check out how these girls decorated their college rental house on a budget and turned it into a country chic inspired space.

By: Jessica Hoover

Creating a beautiful home is not an easy task. You want your home to not only be functional but also show off your personality and style. When you are on a college budget, decorating your house or apartment can be daunting, especially if you have roommates with different styles.

Luckily, the girls living on 4th Street were able to accomplish turning their temporary rental into a modern, country cute home. The girls said their ideal home style is a “farmhouse look, with white wood, and a cozy chic cabin feel”. As you can see, the girls have an inviting atmosphere from the front door, to the living room and into the kitchen. When asked about some challenges they find when decorating they said, “finding things to fill up a space without looking too cluttered and creating a cohesive style between six people.”The ladies did a great job incorporating each of their styles into one cohesive look. Their arrangement of decorations is very clean and eye catching. Some of their favorite items they used to decorate their home include the Chi-O wood panels on the shelves and fun throw pillows on the couches and beds. Their dining room incorporates the farm like feel with the family style bench at the kitchen table along with the distressed white wood on the legs of the furniture.

Decorating with a college budget can be tough on your wallet. We asked how the girls in the house decorate on a budget, they answered, “we try to buy things from the people who are moving out or graduating, also garage sales, and Hobby Lobby as it is a great placeto shop due to the amazing sales.” Another great way to save money when decorating is to try out a DIY project. You can find many different ideas and tutorials on websites like Pinterest and YouTube. Some of the best videos explain how to change old furniture into something new and creative.


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