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Interior Inspirations: Off Campus Living

Looking for inspiration? Check out this cute & cozy college home! These three Juniors have created the perfect off campus oasis with lots of DIY projects to make it unique.

By: Kaelen McIntire

Living on campus can be fun and convenient, but when it comes to decorating space is often limited and there is much less freedom to make the space your own. Living off campus allows you to have a much more personalized space that is unique to your style. After having a sneak peek into the home of Taylor Lukasek (Interior Design), Abigail Evans (Strategic Communications), and Allie Gallagher (Speech Pathology) you will definitely be dreaming of moving off campus. I mean seriously, these girls know how to decorate a room. Although all three have unique personal styles, they all have a similar love for the farmhouse style as reflected in their cozy, charming living room. In fact, when I asked each of them to describe their dream farmhouse. Taylor loves the use of barn wood in her décor. She has actually made quite a few of the pieces in their home herself. The coffee bar in the kitchen, her headboard, and the coffee sign featured in this article are just a few of her personal designs. Her decorating advice for readers on how to make your off campus home unique? “DIY projects! Go out and find inspiration, find what you like then make it your own”. Abigail’s style is very light and elegant as you can see in her room décor. She loves the use of ambience to make her room feel light and airy. Allie has a very relaxed, minimalistic style. Her room shows off her love of neutrals and simplicity. Each of their rooms are styled to perfection, however, at the end of the day all three girls favor the living room because it is the best place to gather and hang out together.


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