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April 2020: Let Them Eat Cake

Carson Kroeker (Lead Stylist)

Spring trends that will make you feel confident, flirty and ahead of your time.

One of my favorite seasons is spring. Just like the flowers bloom, so can one’s style. Neutrals and pastels are a spring basic, but one should not be afraid to introduce darker and bolder colors into one’s spring palette.

Light layers are crucial during the season that brings cold mornings and hot evenings. Taking risks and layering different textures in an outfit creates depth and interest. Accessorizing with a blazer and tights can complete a look. Nets are trending this season. What better way to incorporate nets into your wardrobe than tights? It is so effortless and elevates a fit to a whole new level.

Accessories make the boldest statements! My favorite accessories are vintage jewelry from my grandmother’s jewelry box or the interesting pieces which are revealed at thrift shops. Often, costume pieces are higher quality than jewelry found in a fast fashion shop.

My favorite trend this spring is wearing a bra as a top. Before you turn down the idea, hear me out; it’s hot! Pair with a high-waisted skirt or trousers, throw on a blazer and the look can transition to a slightly more conservative style. Not ready to make that leap? Have a peek-a-boo moment with a bra under a partially unbuttoned top.

Have fun this season! Break boundaries. Take risks. Eat Cake.


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