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October Issue: CSN and Their Impact

A look into OSU’s Center for Sovereign Nations By: Sezanna Wallace

The Center for Sovereign Nations is an organization on campus here at Oklahoma State University where people of all walks of life have created a supportive and uplifting community. The Center emphasizes that any person of Native American Heritage, as well as those who are not, will be welcomed with open arms and they encourage students to become involved in all the CSN's events and activities. In fact, the Center for Sovereign Nations is guided by a “three-fold mission” in all their operations, which includes sovereignty, students, and partnerships.

modmuze mag had the incredible opportunity of partnering with CSN to celebrate Native American heritage and learn more about Native American culture. In light of Indigenous People's Day, Oct. 14, we were able to discuss Native American heritage with many members of the Center for Sovereign Nations, including Jerika Butler, Catherine White, Gage Clark, McKenzie McCaleb, Hadley Hume, and Robert Lincoln.

Catherine White, a Student Leader at the Center and former Miss American Indian OSU, disclosed to modmuze mag her feelings about embracing cultural tradition in modern society.

“I think modern society is fast paced, and everyone has somewhere to be or something to do," White said. "Taking a pause from that to attend a powwow or a sweat lodge is a break from modern society for me, and it helps me reconnect with my people and our values and ways. It’s almost like drinking a refreshing glass of water and being reminded that, heck yeah, native people still live in modern society; we are still here, and our EXISTENCE is the RESISTANCE!"

We would like to express our appreciation for this wonderful opportunity and for CSN's impact on campus. We hope to continue working with the Center for Sovereign Nations and other organizations at Oklahoma State University that create value in diversity in the future.

Photos by: Kelly Kerr


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