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October Issue: How to Style Jewelry

Take your style to the next level with these simple steps

By: Faith Bollom

Must-know tips on how to style in fresh ways!

If you feel stuck in a rut with your style and are unsure how to get the look you want— you aren't alone. Moving to college has made me realize there are so many opportunities to showcase your style. With these simple tricks, you can up your fashion game whether it be game day, date night or if you just want to feel cute walking to class.

Back to the '90s

The '90s was an iconic era for fashion. I'm not sure if it's my obsession with "Sex and The City" or Princess Diana wearing biker shorts, but this decade has always had trends that stand-out to me. Some of them are even coming back, such as butterfly and acrylic rosin hair clips. These are the perfect accessories to pin back your hair if you're just going to class or a throwback date party. These clips can take your outfit up a level and add a sense of effort into an effortless look. Another 90's fad making a return are beaded and woven bags. I couldn't be more thrilled about this one. These handbags remind me of my childhood and take accessorizing to the next level. Honestly, not the most functional, but who cares? They are perfect and great for pairing with a little black dress for a girls night on The Strip. Whatever it may be, these must-have accessories will fulfill all your Kate Moss fantasies.

Knot just for your neck

Scarves have found their way back in the fashion world, and seem like the best new way to accessorize. Ascots can be tied around your pony, your neck like a choker or loosely to hide your weekend fun. Bored with your handbag or backpack? Tie a scarf around it! Duh. You can even use them as a belt. I have been loving the idea of wrapping a patterned scarf around as a tube top. Scarves are a great way to take an item you already have in your closet and add a twist to it. If you're ever bored with your look, a scarf is the perfect finishing touch.

Slip into being stylish

Shoes change the outcome of any look. Shoes are my favorite part of any outfit and what pulls it all together! A fresh new trend this season? Mules. They are the perfect shoe to slip on and complete a great outfit. For all my business gals, these are perfect for a professional chic look. A new pair of shoes feels like the best way to solve problems and, trust me, this trend is worth splurging on. It is the answer to all of our footwear prayers.

These trends show just how easy it is to enhance any look with a few simple tricks. No matter how you decide to pair or style these items, remember that accessorizing doesn't just stop there. Accessorizing has no limits and no guidelines. Your sense of fashion is up to you and the unique way you visualize it. Just think of all the possibilities, they're endless!

Photos by: Darcey Drulinger


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