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Out-of-the-Box Dates

Swap the traditional dinner and a movie with these creative ideas.

By: Kendall Minaldi

Hands down, the best date I’ve ever been on was slow dancing on a rooftop, complete with fireworks in the distance. This sounds like something out of a romantic comedy, but it actually happened! Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box on date night to change things up and make it special. Giving your date a little extra planning and effort shows that you truly care. Maybe your night includes a well-orchestrated plan or maybe it’s just really incredible timing like mine, but consider these fun ideas for your next date.

For a laid-back yet romantic evening, head outside to with a hammock and watch the sunset. Pack a picnic for dinner, add fairy lights for decoration, snap a few pictures, bring along some good tunes and you have a fun and inexpensive date.

Spend a night sharing your favorite things with one another! Start by picking up your date while playing your favorite music, stock up on your go-to drinks and snacks, then spend the night watching your all-time favorite movie. Then, plan for your next date night to revolve around the other person’s favorites. This is perfect for a new relationship because by the end of the night, you’ll have gotten to know each other better!

For a The Bachelor-esque date, take a visit to your hometown and show off all of your favorite spots. From restaurants to tourist attractions, highlight all the best places in town to share with your date.

To put a new spin on the traditional dinner date, eat every course at a different restaurant. Get dressed up for your night out then head to a few local restaurants, such as Zannotti’s Wine Bar for drinks and appetizers, enjoy an Italian entree at Da Vinci’s, and end the night by satisfying your sweet tooth with dessert at Smallcakes.

Send your date on a scavenger hunt leading up to your evening plans. For instance, if you have tickets to a concert or sporting event that night, create clues that lead your date to drinks, dinner or anything fun to do near the venue. Or, to make it even more romantic, plan a scavenger hunt based on you and your significant other’s history. Go back to your first date spot, where you had your first kiss or any other milestone in your relationship.

Let us know if you give these dates a try by tagging us in photos!


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