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Palentine's Day

How to make the most of the holiday with your friends.

By: Ashtyn Burgess

If you’re single on Valentine's Day this year, I’m right there with you! Valentine’s Day can be a drag if you’re spending it by yourself. This year, I've decided that I want to enjoy the day instead of staying home and scrolling through my Instagram feed of happy couples. So, the MODMuze team has compiled a list of things your single self could do this Valentine’s Day by yourself or with your pals!

Have a movie and wine night. Get your best single friends together for a wine and movie night. Chat about why you don't need a significant other to be complete, and to watch every cheesy love movie you can find! Start with "Legally Blonde" and end with "Bridget Jones' Diary."

Half-priced candy? Grab your friends for a Target run to get a head start on buying all the half-priced chocolate, as well as the half-priced cards. You and your friends could write your loved one's letters, showing your appreciation for them.

Pamper yourself. Spend your night in with a glass of wine, a bath bomb, face mask and your favorite book. Or, treat yourself! Enjoy a night of online shopping, or schedule yourself a blow-out or massage.

People watch. Grab your BFF and your favorite book and spend the night at your local coffee shop watching couples on sweet dates.

Girls Night Out or Girls Night In. Grab your girls, get dressed up and head to the bar for dinner and drinks! If going out doesn't sound fun, have a party for all of your single friends where you cook them dinner, play games and spend the night laughing together.

Get out of town. Plan a weekend getaway with your single friends to your favorite city for a change of pace.

Treat your parents or favorite couple. If you’re looking for some extra cash or if you’re feeling nice, offer to watch your younger siblings or nieces and nephews. You could also do something sweet for your parents, like cooking them dinner or making them reservations somewhere lovely.

Get off social media! Don’t let yourself Instagram stalk your ex and his new significant other! I promise it’s not worth it!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a dreaded holiday for those of us who aren’t in relationships. I hope this list helps you find something to do even if you are single! Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at MODMuze!

Photographers: Cameron Mitchell & Darcey Drullinger


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