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Pick Your Favorite Christmas Movies and We'll Tell You if You're Naughty or Nice

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

The Polar Express or The Grinch?

A. Polar Express

B. The Grinch

It's a Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story?

A. It's a Wonderful Life

B. A Christmas Story

Elf or Home Alone?

A. Elf

B. Home Alone

The Santa Clause or Christmas with the Kranks?

A. The Santa Clause

B. Christmas with the Kranks

Frosty the Snowman or A Charlie Brown Christmas?

A. Frosty The Snowman

B. A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Christmas Prince or The Princess Switch?

A. A Christmas Prince

B. The Princess Switch

The Muppet Christmas Carol or The Nightmare Before Christmas?

A. The Muppet Christmas Carol

B. The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you picked mostly A's... you're nice!

You are sweet as a gumdrop button! You enjoy seeing family during the holiday season, and you thrive while wearing fuzzy socks and curling up by the fire.

If you picked mostly B's... you're naughty!

You love the holiday season, but you enjoy a little bit of chaos from time to time. Your ideal Christmas is most likely spent eating way too much food and then hearing all of the new family drama.


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