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April 2020: Revolutionizing the new dress code

Faith Bollom (Reporter)

How athleisure is taking over our world, and the best ways to wear it.

It's no lie that our generation has taken the term athleisure and ran with it, literally. Athleisure is what I'm wearing nine days out of 10, and some of the most expensive items in my wardrobe are athletic wear. So why are fashion companies still pushing overpriced clothing items when all our generation seems to want are designer leggings?

The truth is, clothing brands have noticed our generation's obsession and started adding more clothing items with an athletic touch. Even this past New York Fashion Week was filled with elements of athleisure, but still had glamour and luxurious elements to it. There are a few brands of athletic wear that have taken over and feel like they dominate the scene everywhere you go. Lululemon, Athleta and Outdoor Voices are all examples of brands that have a very different feel. Lulu and Athleta both have clothing geared directly to working out and yoga, but then have more wearable pieces that are even acceptable to wear to work and a more professional outing.

Outdoor Voices, founded in Austin, is all things fun, with a bright color pallet and unique patterns that make for a perfect statement piece to spice up your everyday look going to class.

Some athletic brands that you should keep your eye on include Madhappy, a higher-end lifestyle clothing brand with sweats and sweatshirts that have a minimalist feel, but have more vibrant and outgoing choices. They are a perfect brand to show that athleisure can still be fashionable and luxurious. Indy Blue's athleisure clothing brand, Lonely Ghost, has graphic sweats and sweatshirts and sets that are taking over social media, and if you're looking to step up your athleisure game, you should check it out.

Athletic wear has become more socially acceptable to wear outside of your house or the gym, to the point where companies have targeted it to the working woman. Some ways to style it include mixing and matching your non-athletic clothing with your favorite pair of athletic pants. By adding a sweater or even adding a denim jacket, it can add so much to your look, but you're still comfortable. If you're looking for a more professional look, joggers or straight-leg pants are the perfect compromises between comfort and competence.

If you're into it, and use athletic wear to actually workout, there are some fun treats going around to spice up your workout wear. Two-piece sets of a matching bra/top and leggings can make you feel more confident in the gym and may even motivate you.

The real reason we love athleisure brands so much is because they are becoming more inclusive. No matter what size you are, athletic companies are becoming more diverse and recognizing the everyday woman and man. So whether it's sweating, studying or just looking cute, athleisure is on the move.


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