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Salons of Stillwater

Your guide to finding the perfect hairstylist

By: Amanda Cardinal

Getting your hair done somewhere new can be absolutely terrifying. While an uneven manicure or a wax that’s missed a few hairs can leave you feeling frustrated, nothing is quite like the feeling of distress after walking out of the hair salon with a bad haircut or chunky highlights. Luckily, Stillwater has great options when it comes to hair salons. Whether you’re looking for a full-treatment experience at an Instagram-worthy salon or an affordable walk-in service on the way home from class, these salons have you covered.

Barcelona Salon

“Excellence is in the details,” the sign out front reads. This is the personal motto of Lori Schaller, Barcelona Salon’s owner and sole stylist. In Schaller’s 36 years behind the chair, she has found that she values quality over quantity. Unlike some salons that prefer to get clients in and out as fast as possible, Schaller makes sure to sit down with her clients and discuss every detail of their hair, from its history to what they want, before ever picking up the scissors. If you are looking for a quiet, private setting with a hair stylist who will really get to know you, this is the place. Schaller has a busy schedule, so be sure to book in advance!


(405) 707-0771

Facebook: Barcelona Salon

Hello Gorgeous

If you’re looking for a last-minute hair appointment with a reasonable price tag, Hello Gorgeous is the place for you. Located across from campus on the strip, Hello Gorgeous caters specifically to college students. They are open late seven days a week and accept walk-ins, so you can fit that appointment into your busy schedule. Hello Gorgeous doesn’t have any surprise add-on pricing, so you know exactly what you are going to pay. While many women love Hello Gorgeous, they are also known for their straight razor services on men, so visit them for a his and hers haircut.


(405) 533-3900

Facebook: Hello Gorgeous on the Strip

Salon Lakota

Salon Lakota is a private rental salon that’s home to a number of skilled stylists. Located on South Knoblock street, Salon Lakota’s trendy vibe matches the various popular boutiques it calls neighbors. “We are super up-to-date with what’s out there and trending. We all keep an eye on new styles,” says Salon Lakota stylist Lily Sierra. “We’re very big on education. If we don’t know how to do it, we’ll go learn how to do it.” Sierra suggests always checking out stylists' social media before getting your hair done. If you’re looking for a trendy new hair style, check out Salon Lakota’s Facebook and find the stylist that best fits your needs.


Check Facebook for numbers

Facebook: Salon Lakota

La Ritz Salon

One of the biggest obstacles when getting your hair done is balancing quality with price. Luckily at La Ritz Salon, you can get a high-quality hair style at a variety of price points. La Ritz Salon is a teaching salon, meaning they take on newly certified hair stylists and do on-the-job training. There are four levels of stylists based on demand, with four varying price points. If the idea of a new stylist doing your hair scares you, don’t worry, “We will make sure you are leaving with the best hair possible,” says owner Jayne Lane. Lane says the stylists work as a team and because of this everyone at the salon is committed to making sure your hair looks as good as possible. La Ritz is a full-service salon, so you can also visit for nail services, facials, hair removal, massages and lash extensions. Pop into La Ritz Salon for a new client bag, which features special offers on your next visit.


(405) 372-8223

Glo Salon & Spa

If you want a high-end salon with a feeling of luxury, Glo Salon and Spa is the place to go. Liz Robbins, Glo’s owner, has a background in not only hair but massage therapy, nails and makeup, which she combined into a full-service salon. Glo’s services include makeup, nail services, hair removal, skincare and massage therapy. If you’re in need of some regular pampering, Glo offers a spa package that features a one-hour massage and a pedicure for $96 a month. It also offers a bridal party package, which includes styling, makeup and other various beauty treatments for your special day. At Glo your hair cut will come with an Instagram perfect salon and an unmistakable feeling of indulgence.


(405) 624-6444

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