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Small Spaces, Big Ideas!

Space-saving tips for making the most of your home

By: Allison Clymer

Moving into a dorm or small, sorority bedroom can cause a bit of shock to new students as they transition from their typically more spacious homes. It may seem nearly impossible to fit one's entire life into a tiny 130-square-foot room, but it is possible and has been done for generations. We have gathered some of the internet's best space-saving hacks bellow. Happy organizing!

Bathroom space can be a down right battle, especially if two girls share the same area. To avoid cluttering the counters or drawers we recommend storing styling tools using a a file holder. They can be found at Target or Walmart for as little as $5.

Turn your jewelry into decoration! Why not display your gorgeous jewels? Use hanging organizers found at nearly any store where home goods are sold, or get creative and make your own with branches. Command strips can even be used to allow for further flexibility.

Double your desk storage space by going vertical and adding shelving to your desktop. Placing a short book case or storage container with cubbies allows for school storage to take president in the studying space, because after all isn't that what we're here for?

Careful utilization of desk space is pertinent to successful studying, which can be disrupted by rough cords with today's technology. Try clipping large binder clips to the side of your desk and looping the cords through the handle to allow for less tangles and easier access.

The most simple and productive way to save space in a closet is to only hold on to what you will wear and keep it organized. Keep ragged hangers at bay and the tsunami of shirts under control because organization makes a room seem bigger. Store out-of-season clothes under your bed in a handy slide-out organizer and switch them out as needed.


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