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Splurge or Save

A basic guide to why thrifting should become your new favorite hobby.

By: Rachel Baker

“I love your skirt, where did you get that?” is the best compliment/question to receive when you know you found your piece of clothing at a thrift store. Not only can you wallow with pride about acquiring said skirt through the many racks of a crowded thrift store, but you can also brag about it only costing you a measly $3.00.

When thrifting, not only do you benefit the local economy, but you will leave a long lasting impact on the sustainability of the fashion industry by buying already used goods. Granted, we all enjoy picking out exactly what we have envisioned for our outfits, but why not spruce up your look with the one of a kind goods you can only really find at a thrift store.

Thrifting can be a fun game to play with yourself. It’s basically a treasure hunt to find the least -or most depending on your style- outrageous piece of clothing in the store. When I go, I also attempt to pick out a full outfit, or at least a top and a bottom that could potentially go together and mismatch with other pieces in my closet. Each week most all thrift stores will also take 50% off any article of clothing with a certain colored tag on it, making the hunt for the cheapest and cutest piece of clothing even more of a game.

That’s when I came up with the idea to see who could create the most complete, thrifty, and adorable outfit straight out of the racks of a thrift store. Comparing the prices and design of our looks with full priced pieces from top retailers proves that you can find fully styled looks from a thrift store. Plus you’ll earn yourself bragging rights by saving an arm and an ear by doing so, and extra bragging rights for also saving the planet!

Kendall Williams-writer and stylist for MODMuze Magazine, Marley Ward- an art major and thrifting guru, and I took upon the thrift stores to put together our personally styled looks.

Jacket: Gap $50 Top: Miss Selfridge $35 Skirt: Sedu $370 Bag: Etsy $48 Glasses: Vintage Frames



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