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April 2020: The highs and lows of relationships

Lauren Monroe (Reporter)

Learn to navigate through the ups and downs of all types of relationships.

Love is such a fundamental factor in how humans interact with each other. Whether this is with romantic relationships, friendships or within your family, relationships play a huge role in our lives. The best parts of a relationship can leave you feeling fulfilled and encouraged, but the worst parts of a relationship can cause you to feel abandoned, misunderstood and at times heartbroken.

At the very foundation of who we are, we desire to be loved and to be needed by someone else. Romantic relationships are arguably the most exciting at their beginning. It is in the way your heart skips a beat when you see their name on your phone or the butterflies you feel when getting ready for your first date with someone new. A new relationship can feel like you never have to be alone again.

You have mutual respect for each other. Someone finally understands you in a way you have not ever known before. Now, you have someone to share even the most mundane moments with. Maybe you even feel like someone can finally appreciate you even when you are at your worst. As time goes on, you get to share more of your life with someone else. Your partner gets to try all your favorite things with you, and you share a new experience together. They get to see your life and what has inspired and shaped you.

But if these relationships start to fail, you may be left heartbroken. It can be challenging to fully open your heart to someone and let them see every part of who you are. Everyone has their insecurities, but when a partner is overcome with a lack of trust for the other, the feeling that they are no longer a priority or that there is distance may cause a relationship to end.

It is so important to make sure that your partner always feels like a priority and that you make time to be with them rather than not finding the time. Partners must sacrifice for the other and not let selfish tendencies control their actions. Adding your families into the mix may also cause tension and the potential for them to grow attached.

All relationships require good communication between the two people. If even one of you is not willing to work toward building better communication, neither one of you will ever feel like your needs are being met.

Of all the different types, friendships are usually the most naturally occurring relationships. Friendships usually stem from a couple of commonalities between two people or even a group of people. Finding a best friend means that you two appreciate many of the same things and enjoy spending time with each other.

Friends are reliable, empathetic, honest and encouraging at their best. They challenge you to be the best version of yourself and help you achieve your goals. But, friendships can become steeped in jealousy and mistrust. A good friend is someone who celebrates your success with you instead of being threatened by it. Friends must be consistent and show up when it counts most.

When friendships start to fade, you hang out less or have a hard time navigating busy schedules. Maintaining high school friendships is especially tough when distance keeps you from seeing each other.

No matter what relationship you are in, it is important to encourage, empathize, prioritize and love others well. All good relationships are centered around great communication. Whether you find yourself in a high or in a low, remember to love without regrets and always take care of yourself.


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