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Tidy Up Your College Room

Tips you can use after a "Tidying Up" binge sesh.

By: Atira Feliciano

If you have yet to see the show that’s been getting everyone to go through their closets, then you are missing out on this now worldwide phenomenon.

“Tidying Up” has taken the streaming world by storm. It has enabled people to find the motivation and inspiration to finally clear out the clutter in their life.

“Tidying Up” is a show on Netflix based centered around Marie Kondo’s method of decluttering your space. Essentially, the biggest piece of advice she offers is to get rid of anything that does not spark joy in your life. You’d be surprised to see how much clutter is accumulated in your home you didn’t even realize!

So just in time for spring cleaning season, here are some tips and tricks you can incorporate to organize your space even if you live on campus!

Courtesy: Amazon

Plastic Containers

Plastic airtight containers are a great way to save space and allow you to see just how much of each product you have. It also keeps your items fresher for longer. You can put them on your counter, shelf spaces or cabinets. It will be super helpful when it comes time to make grocery lists as well! Once you buy a product, take it out of the packaging, and recycle the leftovers.

Courtesy: Walmart

Drawer Organizers

Say goodbye to your junk drawers! Using drawer dividers keeps everything in its place and visible so you won’t waste time digging to find that one sock. You can also use shoe boxes as dividers instead of throwing them away.

Courtesy: Walmart

Collapsible Bins

These are great because you can fit maximize a small space, as well as finding the perfect color for your room! Since they can fold away, they are an excellent option for storage when you might not have much room.

Courtesy: Walmart

Closet Organizer

When you don’t have much closet space, utilize the vertical space you do have to maximize your storage. You can put lots of different items in the squares, including the collapsible bins mentioned earlier!


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