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Top Winter Makeup Trends To Follow

By: Morgan Bennett

Winter makeup trends showcase revolutionary ideas combining classic beauty with rising technology, adjusting looks made for a modern lifestyle.

New season, new look. This winter, the trendiest makeup looks are carefully constructed to flow into the modernity of our technical world where knowledge rests at just the touch of a keyboard, paving the way for a revolution of old and new makeup trends. Key points for winter-born makeup looks come from a collection of three major themes: considered comfort, techtility and reconstructed legacy, targeting makeup enthusiasts, makeup minimalists and retro makeup lovers alike.

Considered Comfort

Women in the workforce have become star players for a new wave of transitional beauty; one that encompasses a one-stop-shop all-day look. Inspired by this growing fluidity between work and rest, the theme, considered comfort, consists of minimalist makeup with an ability to cross-work and play boundaries with ease. This look can be achieved with products made for the minimal makeup type, which are intended for longevity as well as double as a makeup/skincare hybrid.

Considering this transition, a face using considered comfort points should be balanced. The face should showcase a natural complexion that is light as air, achieved by applying a loose powder foundation or with light coverage foundations that are infused with active ingredients. Cheeks should highlight a natural flush with a tinge of winter glow. Look to blushes with whipped textures, that can be easily buildable. Stay true to classic red for lip color, but instead use a blend of lip balm, lipstick, gloss and oil to construct a lip with a natural-looking finish, that also protects. To make this look from work into play use creamy shadows to develop a velvety toned eye and mask with a sharp black liner.


Another major look this winter is inspired by the space between what's real and what's virtual. Techtility fuses together tech themes with tactile products that shift the way we use makeup. Key points focus on colors that have a good on-screen appearance and formulas that change looks with different climates to create ultimate fantastical, dark looks taken to the extreme.

A futuristic theme triggers a need for skin that glows with an alien-like pearlescent finish and takes highlighting to an out of this world level. Use a sheer liquid foundation with added iridescent pigment such as Tarte Sugar Rush Whipped Gleam Highlighter, to achieve this type of glow. leave your cheeks rosy and glowing with iridescent enhancements. For the cheeks, an application of a smooth cream blush set with an iridescent powder creates a pink crystal hue that serves to complement a glowing face. The use of jelly-like textures layered over bright cream pigments will uncover an eye look full of dreamy discovery and wonderment. Products such as NYX Vivid Bright Creme Color and MAKE Face Gloss are great products to achieve this eye look. Finish this spacey look with a shiny color-changing or iridescent lip gloss, such as Glossier's Holographic Lip Gloss. The shiny glow of a techtility makeup is a perfect trend to try out for your New Years' look and will undoubtedly make a statement.

Reconstructed Legacy

Blessed by the internet, we are provided with a plethora of digital images of vintage makeup look that can be used as inspiration for modern beauty. The change in seasons brings about a makeup look inspired by trendy retro images. Named reconstructed legacy, the trend grasps onto a sense of longevity in beauty by bringing contemporary newness to the classic makeup looks from a range of eras. Key beauty points from the sixties through the nineties are adjusted into the modern world by using new application techniques.

Encompassing foundation cues 60's looks, face makeup should be medium to full coverage. A brush or beauty blender should be used to apply foundation products, such as Makeup Revolutions Fast Base Stick Foundation, that mimic old school pan sticks. Set the look with loose setting powder, adding more powder to oily areas. Cheeks should feature a natural flush. Using a buildable cream blush stick in the color marmalade will brighten the cheeks of a multitude of skin tones and achieve a natural-looking hue. Eye shadow for this look is motivated by the dramatic eye looks of the eighties; ones that forgo the pasty powder blue eye shadow that should stay in the past. Reconstruct a basic eye by using a spread of a multitude of colors and metallics on the eyelid. Finalize this reconstructed look with a 90's popular trend; dark brown lips. Achieve the look with Mac lipstick in the shade 'Dark Side'.

Photos by: Macey Drullinger

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