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Weekend Get Away: A Splendid Street in Stillwater


By: Jill Cope & Courtney Unruh

Balanced Coffee Co.

This single street in Stillwater has an abundance of eclectic and inspiring destinations to escape from hours of studying, demanding jobs, and the stressors of everyday life. Balanced Coffee Co. is a place to explore and put away your todo list. From a cozy cup of coffee to delicious pastries, Balanced Coffee Co. is a fun groovy place to discover.

Antique Mall

Inside the Antique Mall you will find an assortment of every item you could ever dream of. From of vintage records, books, and furniture, no matter your interest once inside it’s easy to get carried away looking around and finding tiny unique treasures.

Bliss Books and Bindery

For a great places to be at peace head to Downtown Stillwater to unwind, kick your feet up, and immerse yourself in a good book. Bliss Books & Bindery is the place to be. One of the nice features about this book store is that they will buy back your old books in return for credit to one of the used books on the shelf. If you are looking for a welcoming spot to look for your next novel of choice, Bliss Books and Bindery is the perfect place for you.


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