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What romance character you are based on your zodiac sign

Who to resemble this Valentine's season, based on your birthday.

Written by: Faith Bollom

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

Edward Lewis - Pretty Woman

Photo: Rex Features

Capricorns are not afraid to be their true selves and make everyone around them feel accepted. Edward Lewis had a way of captivating viewers' hearts as well as Vivian Ward’s, who was not viewed the same by others. This Valentine's season, show love to everyone around you, especially those who need an extra reminder.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

Jo March - Little Women

Photo: Sony Images

Aquariuses’ personalities are complex. They want to observe and figure out all the details, and they aren’t quick to open up to love. Jo March might not be the typical romance character to most, but she discovers love in other ways. This Valentine's season, discover love like Jo through loving yourself and your passions. Push yourself to be more open to love and not closed off to future possibilities.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

Jamie Sullivan - A Walk to Remember

Photo: Everett Collection

Jamie’s pure heart and sensitivity resemble that of a Pisces. However, once she is able to trust her partner, Clay, she is able to open up and truly express herself. Jamie protects her heart but is able to show her romantic side. As a Pisces, push yourself to open up to love and lean into your romantic side.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Paige - The Vow

Photo: Sony Pictures

Aries tend to lead amongst a crowd through their confidence and passion. Paige is no different than a typical Aries. However, when a terrible accident leads her to lose her memory and restart on love, her impulsiveness comes out in returning to her previous life. Through hard work and the ability to refind her passions in life, she slowly finds love again. Be easy on yourself this season and remind yourself that love does not happen overnight.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Gabby Holland - The Choice

Photo: Nicholas Sparks Productions

Tauruses tend to be shy and introverted at first and often very hard workers. Gabby is no exception to these traits, but when she meets Travis, her annoying next door neighbor, she begins to open up. Her quiet yet stubborn nature matches well with Travis’ loud and also obnoxious self. Don’t let your stubborn side get in the way of your love life, unless maybe it’s well matched with an equally obnoxious partner.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

Donna - Mamma Mia!

Photo: Universal Pictures

Geminis are the life of any party and never stop moving. Donna truly embodies a Gemini, even their not so great qualities. Geminis can be unpredictable and become bored quickly, and Donna shows these traits through her change of love interests. Be loyal to those around you and open with love interests you are not serious about, and remind yourself to have a fun time this Valentine's season.

Cancer (June 22 - July 23)

John Tyree - Dear John

Photo: Shutterstock

Cancers are loyal, protective and sensitive. John remains loyal to his love interest, Savannah, even when she strays from him. His protective nature as a member of the U.S. Army is seen in many ways; not only through his dedication to fight for his country, but also to protect his family and other loved ones. Remain constant through your relationships, even when you feel them distancing themselves, you never know when they’ll come back.

Leo (July 24 - Aug 23)

Holly Golightly - Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Photo: Paramount Pictures

In true Leo fashion, Holly loves to be admired and lusted over. However, she uses others' approval to boost her personality. Eventually letting her guard down and using her Leo charm to find real love and passion, try imitating Holly's love for life this February. But remind yourself to not let others' charm (or your own) get in your way.

Virgo (Aug 24 - Sept 22)

Noah - The Notebook

Photo: New Line Cinema

As a Virgo, you're responsible and realistic, but, when it comes to love, there is always a soft spot. Noah can’t help but fall in love with Allie, though when she leaves him, he resorts back to his hard working and logical personality. Challenge yourself to dream this Valentine’s season, but don’t be afraid to lean into your responsible nature, after all, you still have things to do even when in love.

Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

Carrie Bradsaw - Sex and the City

Photo: Getty Images

In true Carrie fashion, a Libra is friendly, charming and romantic. In the original Sex and the City, Carrie usues her charm to her advantage to explore romantic relationships. However, she has a hard time truly expressing what she wants. As a Libra, tell those you love how you really feel and what you desire out of your relationship. In the recent reboot, And Just Like That, Carrie finds those relationships through friendships, reminding us all what’s most important in life, love in all forms.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 22)

Andie Anderson - How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Photo: Paramount Pictures

When Andie sets out to date Benjamin Berry, played by Matthew McCaughey, for a how-to news article (hello dream job) she showcases her Scorpio personality. Her deceiving and secretive behavior comes easy to her, but, when she finds herself falling for real, we see her internal struggle to actually open up. Some pro-tips for Scorpios: don’t set out to fake a love interest, and don’t close yourself off from finding a real, honest love.

Sagittarius (Nov 23 - Dec 20)

Rachel Chu - Crazy Rich Asians

Photo: Warner Bros

Rachel, a hard worker and economics professor at New York University, definitely embodies a Sagittarius. She uses her hard working ability to make a good name for herself after a not so great first impression with her boyfriend's wealthy family. Remind yourself, Sagittarius’, when someone says you can’t do something, there’s always a way to prove them wrong, especially if it’s for love.


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