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What's Old is New

Yesterday's fashion trends re-imagined

By: Allison Clymer

Everyone has heard their mother or grandmother remark at how astonished they were to see a younger girl wearing an item similar to what they wore in their youth. As we all know, fashion comes in cycles. Today, walking the streets can seem like going through an old year book, as once outdated fashions are being re-envisioned in new and exciting ways by younger generations. Below we have narrowed down the trends of the past that will be especially prevalent in fashion this season.

Fanny packs: Once seen as only nylon, neon sacks worn around waists in the ‘80s, these pouches have been upgraded with luxe designer additions in many silhouettes. Today they can even be seen slung across the chests or shoulders of street wearers.

Chunky sneakers: Originating in the late ‘80s exclusively for exercise and later seen as strictly "dad apparel,” these hefty sneakers can now be seen everywhere from the streets of New York to the catwalks of Prada and even on the Hollywood red carpet. These sneakers are proof that style and comfort can go hand-in-hand.

Denim skirts: Now a game-day staple, this trend began in the '70s, though with a longer hemline. They later came back in style in the ‘90s and again in the early '00s before resurfacing yet again today.

Flared pants: First seen in the latter half of the ‘60s and later becoming mainstream in the ‘70s, flares have risen again in both denim styles and patterned trousers. Today women wear them in multitudes of patterns and textiles.

Off-the-shoulder styles: Cold shoulder styles became extremely popular in the ‘70s, yet they originated with celebrities in the '40s. Today this is one of the most widely-seen trends with the style reappearing season after season.

Candy-colored glasses: Though not very helpful at keeping the sun out of your eyes, these fun spectacles were common place in the '00s and today are a major player in making Instagram magic.

Plaid sets: Straight out of the ‘90s movie "Clueless," colorful plaid sets are seeing a reoccurrence in fast-fashion retailers and on the runways. Try them out in the many colorful variations available this season!

The wrap dress: Brought to popularity by Dianne Von Furstenberg in the '70s, this classic style has seen a massive resurgence in the past few years. Today, it can be seen on anyone from fashion bloggers to students on their way to class.

Scrunchies: Another trend that moms around the country may roll their eyes at is the recent reappearance of the scrunchie. In the ‘80s, they could be seen on anyone from pop stars to exercise aficionados. Today they are an everyday staple around urban cities in many new stylish ways.


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