join the team

modmuze mag is currently looking for new contributors!

Undergraduate students of all majors at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater are encouraged to apply.

Positions that are currently open are:

creative, copy editing, marketing, photography, production, styling, writing

and creative director

creative: Assist the creative director on creating the overall vision of the magazine, create graphics for all sectors of the magazine as needed. Requires advanced graphic design experience. 

 copy editing: Proof read and edit all articles before publication, oversee issue planning and writing assignments, contribute articles periodically, other duties as assigned, requires advanced knowledge of AP writing style and grammar. 

marketing: Oversee all social media platforms, respectively, maintain modmuze branding,  plan and oversee modmuze events and oversee, collaborate with outside entities on modmuze's behalf. 

photography: Work with the writers to understand the article and collaborate on the overall vision, reach out to writers and read the articles before shooting, photograph places, items and people to portray each story visually, maintain modmuze branding, meet deadlines, follow style guidelines, edit and retouch photographs, other duties as assigned. 

production: Assist production director, in the design of the magazine, maintain branding, follow style guidelines throughout magazine, other duties as assigned. 

styling: Assist the lead stylist in collecting clothing from local vendors, organizing styling documents, assist in styling fashion pieces and writing accompanying article information, if necessary, other duties as assigned.

writing: Pitch, write articles and blogs for modmuze’s target audience, conduct interviews and secondary research, collaborate with photographers to ensure understanding and vision, meet deadlines, other duties as assigned.

creative director: Create the overall vision of the magazine, assist in maintaining branding across all modmuze platforms, oversee the creative team, other duties as assigned.

web content coordinator: Oversee maintenance of the website, maintain modmuze branding, follow style guidelines to ensure cohesiveness, place website content such as issues and blogs for approval before publishing, other duties as assigned.