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Application & Dues


accepted July 15 -second Monday of new semester

Dues $20, due by mid-September


accepted Nov 15 - January 17th

Dues $10 for new members, due by mid-February

Undergraduate students of all majors at Oklahoma State University are encouraged to join. Dues are collected at the semester's first all-team meeting. 

Applications are commonly accepted for the following teams:
marketing, photography, production, styling, and writing


marketing: Oversee all social media platforms, respectively, maintain modmuze branding, plan and oversee modmuze events and oversee, collaborate with outside entities on modmuze's behalf. 
photography: Work with the writers to understand the article and collaborate on the overall vision, reach out to writers and read the articles before shooting, photograph places, items and people to portray each story visually, maintain modmuze branding, meet deadlines, follow style guidelines, edit and retouch photographs, other duties as assigned. 
production: Assist production director, in the design of the magazine, maintain branding, follow style guidelines throughout magazine, other duties as assigned. 
styling: Assist the lead stylist in collecting clothing from local vendors, organizing styling documents, assist in styling fashion pieces and writing accompanying article information, if necessary, other duties as assigned.
writing: Pitch, write articles and blogs for modmuze’s target audience, conduct interviews and secondary research, collaborate with photographers to ensure understanding and vision, meet deadlines, other duties as assigned.


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