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A Beginners Guide to Styling a Plain White Tee

Because every great outfit starts somewhere.

Written by: Emily McCaslin

Photographer: Morgan Burnett

Stylist: Cierra Carney

Model: Raquel Carillo

In fashion, everyone's primary goal is to create an outfit the you love and feel comfortable in. Every outfit needs a base; in this case, the base is a plain white tee. Every wardrobe needs at least one plain white tee. A tee may be a staple in any outfit, fancy or casual. I’ll show you how you can spice up a basic white tee.


Jackets are a very important item you could pair with your white tee to help bring your outfit together. There are leather, jean, corduroy, and bomber jackets; fur coats and flannels also make a great option. You might add a jacket to a plain white tee to add texture, patterns, or colors to the outfit. For instance, you could pair a colorful plaid shirt to add color to the white or keep it neutral with a tan sweatshirt jacket. You could try tying up your overshirt shirt to balance the white and the color.


These you can have fun with. Accessories include necklaces, rings, bracelets, bandanas, scarves, watches, hats, belts, and countless more. For example, to pair with your white tee, you could try tying a bandana around your neck or adding a gold or glitter belt to your pants can add excitement to the outfit, so you’re not just wearing white. You could also layer necklaces to fill the white space. Be creative with different pieces of jewelry and wear items that make you feel happy.


Pants can be big statement pieces in an outfit, or you can go for a classic and casual look. These can be anywhere from a simple pair of jeans to a fun patterned pair of flared pants or even some cargo pants. You could also throw on a cute skirt or overalls to add to the outfit. Dress it up with some slacks or stay comfortable and add some sweatpants. For example, if you have a plain white tee, you could wear colorful green pants or keep it neutral with some tan or brown.


Although hairstyles aren’t specific clothing items, they can help tie an outfit together. Everyone is familiar with curling and straightening, but you could try crimping or beach waving your hair. You could add feathers or tinsel to your hair. You could also use elastics to create bubble braids or pigtails.


Debatably, this can make or break an outfit. There are many different ways to tuck a shirt. Ultimately, this depends on what you're comfortable with and what parts of your body you want to accentuate. One popular way is to tuck your shirt into a bra. This method allows you to pull out the fabric to your desired length. Another way is to French Tuck your shirt. You can achieve a french tuck by tucking your shirt into one side, front, left, or right, of your pants, and not the other. A tuck gives a classy angle to your outfit.


Last but certainly not least, shoes. Since you have a plain white tee, matching your shoes to your outfit depends on what other items you pair with it. You could wear white or black shoes to match the white tee, or you could pick a color of shoes that matches the color of your jacket, accessories, etc. Popular styles include chunky boots, heels, cowgirl boots, tennis shoes, or platform sneakers. Try experimenting with tucking your pants into your shoes, if possible, or maybe even rolling them at the bottom. The possibilities are endless.

A plain white tee is a staple in any outfit. If you have a plain white tee, you’re on track to create the perfect outfit. Remember always to be yourself and pick things to style with that are unique to you and make you feel good. After all, that’s what fashion is all about.


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