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OSU Game Day Lookbook

If there’s one time to go all out, it’s game day.

Written By: Emily McCaslin

Photos & Styled By: Anabelle Lindsey

As Oklahoma State students, we know how OSU eats, breathes, and sleeps game days. So there is no better time to show your school spirit than this football season. Undoubtedly, students like to dress up for games, so grab your orange and boots, and let's create an outfit.

Orange Power baby. One of the best things is to see the stadium light up with bright orange. It isn’t just any orange, either. It’s not red-orange or burnt orange.. It’s America’s brightest orange. You could pair a cute orange shirt with blue or black jeans or a skirt. You could wear an orange jacket, or my favorite, spice up your outfit with orange accessories. You could complete your outfit by utilizing an orange bandana, orange headband, orange necklace, orange bracelets, or orange earrings as a fun statement piece. Whatever you wear, make sure you’re repping the cowboys. Go orange, and go Pokes!

Buttons are a cute game day tradition that anyone can participate in. Buttons are used to rep OSU, your homecoming pairing, or to add a little detail to an outfit. You can wear them on your shirt, pants, or belt loop. You can even match them and add however many you want. Below are some trustworthy button companies known around Stillwater:





Gameday shoes are the best shoes. People wear unique boots and shoes every week to the games. Cowgirl boots always do the trick in creating a game-day look, but some people also prefer other options. If not cowgirl boots, some staple orange, black or white sneakers could pull off a unique game-day look. If you’re a die-hard fan, you can paint sneakers with oranges and blacks or any OSU logo.

Some wouldn’t think to wear a dress to a game, but in this case, I say go big or go home. Dresses can be worn in orange, black, or white and accessorized with the same accessories as above. Recently, rompers and jumpsuits have also been making an appearance at games. These can be any OSU color or even a fun pattern. Don’t be afraid to dress up a little and have fun.

Another way to show your school spirit is to tie in vintage OSU items such as trucker hats, polos, or crew necks. You can find these in the student union store or the store in Boone Pickens. For a unique look to guarantee you won’t be matching with anyone, try checking out vintage stores in downtown Stillwater such as the Stillwater Antique and Collectable Mall for a unique look to guarantee you won’t be matching with anyone. For the people who have orange running in their blood from a parent who went to OSU, try asking for their clothes because we all know they still have some tucked away in their closet from their years as a cowboy.

Clothing is a refreshing concept because no matter what you wear to the game, we can all come together for a common cause of cheering on our cowboys! So have fun this homecoming, wear something you are comfortable in that shows your school spirit, be loud and as always, Go Pokes!


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