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Twenty Things You Need to Know About Taylor Swift’s 20 Newest Songs.

Midnight Tea.

Written By: Leah Brainerd

Photo: Republic Records

Easter eggs are Taylor’s specialty, and we all know there is more than meets the eye in everything she does. So I’ve compiled 20 facts about her newest album ‘Midnights’ to dive deeper into the era’s songs and headspace.

  1. ‘Midnight Rain’ is about Tom Hiddleston. It references how she ‘broke his heart ‘cause he was nice’ and ‘wanted a bride.’

  2. It has the most cuss words of any album Taylor has released.

  3. ‘Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve’ is about John Mayer because she refers to being 19 at the time.

  4. Taylor’s co-writer Jack Antonoff is the prince in her ‘Bejeweled’ music video.

  5. The release of ‘Midnights’ crashed Spotify.

  6. ‘High Infidelity’ is about Calvin Harris. The date she references (April 28) falls into the timeline of her and Harris.

  7. It is her 10th studio album.

  8. ‘Midnights’ broke the record for the most streams in a single day in Spotify history with 228.2M.

  9. It also broke the record for the fastest album to surpass 500M Spotify streams (4 days).

  10. The only self-written songs on the album are ‘Vigilante Sh*t’ and ‘Bigger than the Whole Sky.’

  11. Taylor’s Boyfriend, Joe Alwyn (Aka Willam Bowery), co-wrote ‘Sweet Nothing.’

  12. ‘Karma’ is about Scooter Braun because she says, ‘my pennies made your crown’ about Scooter, who owns her songs.

  13. ‘Question…?’ is about Karlie Kloss. She talks about kissing a girl, and the rumor is that Karlie and Taylor are makeout buddies.

  14. The ‘Anti-hero’ music video pays homage to Kim Kardashian. The daughter-in-law’s name is Kimberly, and she is wearing the dead’s mother’s dress (think Marilyn Monroe and the MET Gala).

  15. ‘Vigilante Shit’ references Princess Diana in the line “Lately I’ve been dressing for revenge,” referring to Diana’s ‘revenge dress.’

  16. Glitch is about Joe Alwyn. She talks about not being from the same place and the ‘2190 days of our love’.

  17. Dylan O’Brien plays drums in Lavender Haze.

  18. ‘Maroon’ is a nod to the Red album.

  19. ‘Vigilante Sh*t’ is the Reputation song we all needed.

  20. Zoë Kravitz is a co-writer on ‘Lavender Haze.’


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