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Best Fitness & Wellness Apps

Kalynn Schwandt (Writer)

(photo by @weworewhat)

Free apps that keep me fit and well

How do you spend your screen time? There seems to be a multitude of fitness and wellness apps out there, and it's easy to give up trying to find the perfect one. It is way too easy for me to result back to Instagram or TikTok. Here are the best (completely FREE!) fitness and wellness apps that I currently have downloaded.



Although it is not your typical fitness app, Sweatcoin tracks your steps and converts them into “sweatcoin”. This then allows you to redeem your coin for discounts on select brands and products. You are also able to participate in auctions with your sweatcoin or donate to select charities. Anyone ready to take a walk around campus now?

Nike Training Club

I have used NTC in the past, and it has never failed to disappoint. The variety of exercises leaves you with a new option day after day. With trainer-led classes, whiteboard workouts, short workouts, athlete workouts, etc., the possibilities are endless. My personal favorite is the “Essential Flow Yoga”. Keep track of workouts and connect with others on NTC.

Seven- 7 Minute Workout

Personalize your own seven minute workout! My first time on the app consisted of the basic full body workout. It featured twelve different exercises all in a quick seven minutes. This app was definitely my speed. The app provides a different style of workout each day of the week. Join leagues and add friends on the app for more engagement and motivation!

Daily Workouts

I love Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer because of how simple it is. Choose between abs, arms, butt, cardio, leg and full body workouts. Select your time and reps and a video is then shown with a given workout for you to follow along with.

Zombies, Run

This is not your traditional running tracker. Zombies, Run is full of stories with thrilling audio to listen to as you go on your daily jog. The stories are interactive and consist of tasks and goals. The app refers to your runs as “missions”. I am not a runner, but give me a mission and I quickly turn into one!


Longwalks (personal favorite)

I cannot praise this app enough. Longwalks has been a total game changer within my everyday routine. Myself and five friends are all connected on the app. Each day you complete a prompt and you are able to complete challenges with additional prompts as well. My friends and I can view and share answers. I truthfully have learned so much more about them, and it really stops and make you think about yourself as well. The app is created for meaningful thoughts and conversation- and it does just that!


Grateful is a super simple journaling app that gives you a simple question/prompt each day. You can share what you’re grateful for, what made you laugh or smile, etc. I like the app because of its simplicity and how you can so easily go back and reminisce on the things that made your day!


This app was one that I was quickly drawn to after using it for the first time. The app opens with asking you how you are currently feeling and then provides journaling, quotes, meditation, focus breathing, etc. to partner with your feelings. It keeps track of your daily accomplishments on the app and is an incredible journal to have with you at all times. Two thumbs up for Stoic.!


While options are limited with the free version, Headspace still provides excellent sounds and guided ways to practice and promote meditation, sleep, movement and focus. From workouts to wind downs, Headspace has you covered.

Project Foodie

It could be debated that a food app is not considered wellness, but I beg to differ! Project Foodie is fun and trendy. It offers a great amount of recipes as well as tips and tricks for the kitchen. Even create your grocery list within the app! What better way to improve your cooking skills and learn something new.

While I am sure there are plenty more, these apps are the ones that stuck out to me and gave me ways to stay in tact, physically and mentally. I encourage you to try any (or all) of them!

Do you have any apps that you swear by?


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