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Black History Month

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

How to celebrate and honor Black History Month, even past February. Written by: Faith Bollom

February marked the beginning of Black History Month, but just because this national holiday takes place in February, doesn't mean that there aren't more ways to honor and recognize Black History throughout the year.

Summer of 2020, we mourned and grieved the lives lost to police brutality. Including but not limited to, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many more. These devastating actions heightened the Black Lives Matter movement and sparked thousands of protests around the world. Their lives will not be forgotten and people are still fighting for equality and fair punishments.

To honor the lives lost as well as Black history throughout America, there are so many things that you can personally do.

The biggest step you can take to bettering your life, as well as those around you, is by educating yourself. Say their names. Learn the history. Acknowledge your privilege.

Shop from Black artists and small businesses. There are countless Black-owned businesses and creators all around you. During the remainder of February and beyond, support their companies.

Recognize how Black history has bettered your life. Just at Oklahoma State University, Nancy Randolph Davis, the first Black student, wasn't admitted until 1949. This gave hope and education to thousands of students to follow in her steps, but there are still actions that are being taken to give OSU students equal opportunities.

While there are so many ways to honor and celebrate Black History Month, there are also ways NOT to.

Do not practice power and systematic racism. By educating yourself daily, you can avoid comments and harmful words that you may not have even known were offensive.

Do not belittle this national holiday. This is a time when Black history is celebrated and a time that all Americans can use to understand the history of race and racism. Those who chose to overlook the harmful background of our nations history, are the same that chose not to grow.

For the rest of this February, think about the ways that you can celebrate this month and ways to honor Black History. Think about how your words affect others and always chose kindness. Take the things you are learning past February and celebrate Black history every day of the year.


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