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Bridgerton's Take on Regency Fashion

Just how accurate was Netflix's rendition of the Regency time period?

Written by: Chloe King

Photographed by: Addison Themer

Styled by: Cristina Garagusi

By now, we have all binged Netflix’s new original series, Bridgerton, and become obsessed with the Duke of Hastings, Daphne Bridgerton, and the all-knowing Lady Whistledown. Naturally, we are drawn to this series because of its idealistic portrayal of the Regency era in London, but just how accurate was Netflix’s rendition of this time period?

This series could not have been released at a more perfect time. Currently, in the fashion world, we are seeing trends that mimic those in the Regency time period. For example, corsets have been making a huge comeback, as well as bodysuits with sweetheart necklines and voluminous sleeves.

So, you’re wondering, which elements of Bridgerton did Netflix get right and what did they miss? According to the costume designer, Ellen Mirojnick who designed 7,500 garments for Bridgerton, the accuracy of the clothing was very loosely based on the Regency era. Mirojnick created garments that fit the personalities of the characters and gave life to the creative vision for the show, not to serve as a history lesson.

While Daphne Bridgerton’s dresses featured empire waist cuts that were worn throughout the Regency era, many of the fabrics used on her dresses such as organza and silk were off-target for the time period.

Mirojnick used colors and patterns to reflect the statuses of the families. The Bridgertons were often shown dressed in blues and other pastels to signify their place in society as the ideal family. Blue represents stability and wisdom, which sets the Bridgertons apart from the other families. On the other hand, the Featheringtons were dressed in bright yellows, pinks, greens, and purples. These obnoxious colors and patterns suited the Featheringtons and their desire to be noticed in society very well.

Although the color and fabric choices were not entirely authentic to the Regency time period, they served their purposes in aiding character development for the show. The costumes that Mirojnick created for Bridgerton perfectly fit into the time period that the creators envisioned. After all, Bridgerton is fictional, so why not stretch the creative boundaries?


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