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Colorado Quarantine

Roommates and the Rockies: Making the most out of COVID-19.

I think one thing we can all agree on is that this fall semester is far different from those in the past. In-person classes and events are not required, and virtual events have taken over. I have been taking life one day at a time because everything seems subject to change.

Will my classes that are offered in-person remain that way? Will I test positive for COVID-19? Factors like these seem to be up in the air each day. I have learned that though life during a pandemic is not the ideal scenario, there are positives and new ways to enjoy each moment. Due to exposure, my roommates and I got tested for COVID-19 and learned we were all positive. We were required to move out of our housing to combat the virus.

First off, we agreed that we would not expose our families to the virus. As we waited on our bags to be packed and brought outside, (we were not allowed to reenter the house, therefore, I have been living out of a bag packed by someone else) my roommate suggested a road trip to her family cabin in Colorado.

Her family lives about an hour from the cabin, so exposure was not a worry. We decided to go for it! Why not? Living out of spontaneity, we did what we had to do.

With masks on and antibacterial wipes in hand, we loaded up and safely made a 10-hour drive to Jefferson, Colorado. May I mention that this was on a Wednesday? Before COVID-19, I could not imagine leaving town and missing classes shortly after the semester began.

Here I am now on day 9, my two roommates and I remain nestled up in a cabin within the Rocky Mountains. The time has been spent doing remote courses and work, reading, laughing, taking short walks and acknowledging the little things.

If there is anything I have taken from the past week and a half, it is that there are plenty of hours in a day. I am usually quick to stress over school and get distracted by my long to-do list. From this quarantine period, I have learned that I have plenty of time to complete my tasks and enjoy the day.

Self-care has come first on this journey. My roommates and I have taken every step to stay safe and recover from the virus. The nice weather and view have certainly helped this process.

With home-cooked meals every night (OK, maybe we had a frozen pizza or two), a good WiFi connection and the best friends, we have made the most of the situation. It has made me realize that though large gatherings and what we know as “normal” has changed, my life remains full of meaning.

Although it is an unfortunate circumstance and I am ready for recovery, this quarantine has been a total saving grace. It amazes me that I can be over 500 miles from Stillwater and remain plugged in and attentive to my responsibilities.

Before I get too set in my ways, next time I will ask myself what it is that I really need. For me, this trip was everything I needed and more. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and my viewpoint is now replenished.

While we are restricted, there are still endless possibilities in our world today.

What can you do to recuperate and settle into this new “normal”?


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