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Dating in a pandemic

How to deal with COVID-19 while online dating.

Online dating is something our generation has just recently come to accept. When was the last time you met someone at a social gathering? Back in the pre-pandemic days, (only eight months ago, though it feels like eight years) it was all about finding that perfect outfit that gives you the instant confidence boost you want for a date. Nowadays, it's all about the selfie lighting and having a creative bio. Apps like Tinder and Bumble have made their place in the dating world, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This means the first date is (usually) the first time you are meeting them in person. As a girl who constantly listens to true crime podcasts, online dating can be pretty scary. Forget the fear of finding a mask to match your outfit, what about stranger danger? Below, are some tips on how to stay safe while online dating….. you know, in the middle of a pandemic. Before leaving your house: Start by always telling a friend or roommate where you will be and even share your location with them on the Find My Friends app. My roommates and I always set up a “code-word” to text when one of us needs to come bail them out of the creepy date. That way you will know you are safe before even leaving the house, and honestly, it lets your friend live out that detective life they’ve always wanted. Going to the date: Unless you’ve known them since elementary school, take your own car. And even then, be super aware of your surroundings. Watch the Investigation Discovery channel once in a while, and you will know exactly what I'm talking about. The perk of bringing your own vehicle is if your date seems a little sketchy, you have the choice to go home whenever you want. Plus, you don't want a complete stranger picking you up at your house. The Date: Always trust your gut, or your “spidey senses” as I like to call them. If the date is feeling odd or the vibes are off, you have the right to make up an excuse to leave. This is where your code word comes in! If inappropriate comments or weird body language is making you uncomfortable, you have way out. After the Date: Didn’t see any red flags, and you feel comfortable to continue the date elsewhere? That’s great! Just make sure to let your bodyguard roommate know you’re moving the date to another location. All jokes aside, safety is very important and something we should all take seriously. Follow these tips to help you and your friends protect each other, but also have fun once in a while. Just because COVID-19 has cancelled certain things about 2020, it doesn’t mean your dating life has to be cancelled as well. So, go buy a new outfit for your date this weekend and don’t forget your mask. Happy (safe) online dating!


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