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How to Throw a President's Day Party

A guide to your new favorite holiday party

By: Lauren Monroe

If you're one of the many people who dreads Valentine's day and its corporate feel, you might consider celebrating another holiday only three days later. What once was a day to honor George Washington's birthday became a national holiday to recognize all past and future Presidents. President's Day is begging to be celebrated this year. Gather your friends and follow these five easy steps to create the perfect President's Day party.

Step 1: Decorate your space. Go all out with red, white, and blue decorations. Hang up some of your favorite national documents, such as the amendments or the Constitution, and include a backdrop of the White House. For music, throw on the soundtrack to Hamilton or take it old-school and play some "Schoolhouse Rock." If your guests are up for a movie, consider watching National Treasure or Lincoln.

Step 2: Create the perfect costume. It is no secret that our founding fathers valued a nice powdered wig, which is why it is an essential accessory when dressing up as a President from the late 1700s to early 1800s, such as Thomas Jefferson or John Adams. If you'd rather dress up as a more recent President, pull out your best suit and tie, and include a nice American flag pin.

Step 3: Food and drinks. Since this is a day all about celebrating our nation's greatest leaders, it is only fitting that you serve their favorite foods. You will need cider for Adams, mac and cheese for Jefferson, ice cream for Madison, peanuts for Carter, and bread pudding for FDR. Top it all off with any red, white, and blue foods you can find.

Step 4: Games. If playing a game that requires two teams, split up your guests into the House and the Senate."Guess the President": a classic game of Pictionary, but with pictures only of past and recent presidents. See which one of your friends knows the most!"Spin the Context": your guests will take turns drawing a presidential quote from one hat and a current hot button topic from another. They must use their wit to tie the two together and explain it."Secret Service": have you guests vote one person to be the party's president at the beginning of the celebration. Once that person has been picked by majority vote, at any time during the night someone can yell 'danger' and the three closest people must dog-pile that person to keep the president safe.

Step 5: End the night. When it is all over, it's important that your guests know that there was no personal political agenda to be served by this party. Rather, it was a fun celebration where friends of all backgrounds and affiliations could come together and celebrate our nation's leaders who paved the way for us.

And if your party doesn't live in infamy, it will for sure go down in history.


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