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Insta-worthy spots in Stillwater

The best photo-ops and hidden gems in Stillwater.

After spending a lot of our time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all had to adapt in many different ways. A lot of us have also used this time to grow and get to know ourselves better. For me, I have had to learn how to entertain myself without concerts to attend, large social gatherings to take part in and while being away from friends for long periods of time. A way that I have noticed a lot of my friends coping with this extra time is by utilizing social media to connect and express themselves. In April, I noticed how many people started taking mirror pictures in their backyards and they were so fun to look at on Instagram. But what can we do to continue this trend of expressing ourselves with so many of our usual annual events being canceled? While we weren’t able to attend music festivals this year and post those fun pictures, we still have beautiful places right here in Stillwater that we can utilize to channel our creativity. Here are some of my favorite spots in Stillwater to snap some fun and trendy pictures. 1. The Botanical Gardens Not only is a trip to the botanical gardens guaranteed to result in a ton of gorgeous pictures with perfect lighting and a natural background landscape, but it’s also a lot of fun!

2. Downtown Stillwater Near Balanced Coffee and Typo Market in downtown Stillwater, there are several cool brick walls and alleyways to take unique pictures with.

3. Cowboy Corner Gas Station For a distinctive backdrop, check out the Cowboy Corner gas station on Sixth and Duck.

4. Old Van on Hester This old van found on Hester Street reminds me of Woodstock and serves as a great prop for a groovy photo!

5. Murray Law Firm on Duck With gorgeous architecture, Murray Law Firm makes for the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot. It looks even prettier at nighttime!


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