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Sneakers: Unscripted

You can never have too many shoes. Never.

Written by: Emily West

In a continuing ode to fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, modmuze continues our new approach to street style photography, but this time honoring campus footwear. Again, no pre-planned stylings; just sneakers, styled by people from their shoe rack to various places across OSU’s campus.

Styles included lots of Nike products and leather, and the influence of sports and sport sneaker styles were prevalent from Jordans to Blazers to the more sentimental styles that our generation sported as kids such as Converse high tops.

Overall, sneakers are a great way to casually show off your specific sense of style. The trend report includes: multicolored shoes, lots of hightop styles and some platform soles. Whether you are heading to class or grabbing a coffee before hitting the library, footwear and street style can go hand in hand. As everyone knows, the shoes can make or break the outfit.


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