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Self-expression through Euphoria fashion

How to bring your favorite Euphoria character’s style to life.

Written by: Bailey Sisk

Euphoria has given us eight weeks of emotional intensity. Whether it was wanting to reach through the screen and give your favorite character a hug or ripping your hair out while watching the constant poor decision making, the show made you feel something.

One of the main forms of storytelling used throughout both seasons of Euphoria is the distinct self-expression each character portarys through fashion and makeup. Euphoria has a magical way of staying consistent with the show’s unique fashion while also keeping up with the current trends and progression of each character.

Here’s how you can incorporate each character’s season two style into your wardrobe!

Maddy Perez: Confident Ensembles

Photo: HBO

Confidence is key when looking into Maddy Perez’s style. Maddy can be found in more mature outfits, and this season showcased her in darker color schemes. Pick out your favorite black cutout dress paired with thick gold hoops for a night out. Compliment your going out look with a sparkly heel and a slicked back updo hairstyle. You also can’t forget your sharp winged eyeliner for the full Maddy affect!

Cassie Howard: Flirty Fashion

Photo: HBO

Cassie’s style is the hardest to pinpoint because her wardrobe is heavily influenced by the people around her, but she always radiates a sense of flirtiness. Find a baby blue or baby pink top and pair it with light wash jeans. Continue this flirty appearance with a simple makeup look using a pink lip gloss and light blush. For accessories, grab a silver pendant necklace to tie it all together.

Lexi Howard: A Timeless Look

Photo: HBO

Lexi’s personality and lookbook is a breath of fresh air from everything over-the-top that is Euphoria. As the season progresses, you see a development of confidence shine through Lexi’s wardrobe. Collars, puffy shoulders and button ups represent her introverted but timeless sense of style. Incorporate some patterns into your outfit with a buttoned up cardigan to get the Lexi look!

Jules Vaughn: Urban Aesthetic

Photo: HBO

Jules has left pastel colors and sailor-moon style as a thing of the past. Layering is the secret to Jules’ new look! Layer an oversized t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt and baggy pants to follow in Jules’ footsteps. Combat boots are also essential. Keep the makeup consistent with her style by incorporating a sharp-artistic inner corner eyeliner with a pop of glitter.

Rue Bennett: Practical Comfort

Photo: HBO

Rue’s style is the most practical and comfortable out of all the characters. Sweat pants, a graphic t-shirt and your favorite hoodie is all you need to bring out your inner Rue Bennett. Throw that together with a pair of converse and your outfit is complete. Her fresh face and natural hair is something we all can pull off as an everyday look!

Kat Hernandez: Colorful Edge

Photo: HBO

Green and red are very prevalent in Kat’s style this season. Whether it’s incorporated in her makeup or an article of clothing, you can find these two colors in each of her looks. Matching your favorite band t-shirt with a green or red cardigan will give you a Kat inspired look. Add a pop of color into your eyeshadow and you’re all set!


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