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Insta-worthy spots in Stillwater

The best photo-ops and hidden gems in Stillwater.

Written by: Leah Brainerd

Photos by: Madelyn Lindsey

Model: Brittney Tran

Morrill front steps

While there are many rumors about these steps, if Madame President can pose on these steps, so can we. This is the perfect on-campus spot for anything from graduation photos to a fun shoot with your friends! Plus, the steps give major Gossip Girl on the MET steps vibes.

Okstate Laundromat

This often overlooked, yet essential spot on campus is perfect for a different backdrop than anywhere else. The fun colored outside walls and windows that show the machines make for a trendy yet unique setup as opposed to its often overused indoor counterpart.

The strip: murals

Of all the fun art in Stilly, these walls are perfect for a splash of color or a neutral wall for any photoshoot. The fun colored wall next to Coney is unique as well as fun for a pop of color different from all the other walls around. The Duprees black and navy mural is perfect for some texture in the background without all the color so that you are the one that pops in the photo.

The strip: lofts

The perfect urban scene is this little niche right off the busy street. There are so many ways to pose on the stairs and in the quad next to the street and apartments. The beautifully rough urban scene also has some great windows next to the stairs and a fun lamppost for all of your posing needs.


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