Just Quaranthings

Morgan Malget (Editor-in-Chief)

50 activities to do while social distancing.

For self care

  1. Do yoga

  2. Take a bubble bath

  3. Drink water

  4. Binge watch your favorite show

  5. Make fancy coffee

  6. Go on a walk

  7. Burn a candle

  8. Journal

  9. Take a long shower

  10. Paint your nails

For excitement

  1. Do a puzzle

  2. Play a board game or a game of cards

  3. Make tik toks

  4. Read a book

  5. Write letters

  6. Learn a new recipe

  7. Play with your pets

  8. Watch your favorite childhood movie

  9. Facetime

  10. Listen to an old CD

For something different

  1. Write Yelp reviews

  2. Make kombucha

  3. Give your pets a bath

  4. Email your representatives

  5. Get dressed up for a self-timer photo shoot

  6. Make a mix-tape

  7. Build something

  8. Do some bird watching

  9. Call your grandparents

  10. Become an influencer

For productivity

  1. Start your own garden

  2. Rearrange your bedroom

  3. Purge your unwanted items

  4. Clean something

  5. Wash your sheets

  6. Organize your laptop files

  7. Do your homework

  8. Delete your social media

  9. Go for a run

  10. Make a to-do list

For creativeness

  1. Doodle

  2. Make Spotify playlists

  3. Learn to knit

  4. Paint

  5. Up-cycle clothing

  6. Make homemade skincare

  7. Start vlogging

  8. Cut your own hair

  9. Make a candle

  10. Learn a new instrument


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