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Long Live the Queen

The Legacy of Queen Elizabeth II

Written by: Leah Brainerd

Photo: Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II became the monarch of Britain at a time when women were, and still are, fighting for equality. She also became queen under the harsh circumstances of her father dying from cancer and her uncle abdicating the throne. Elizabeth was only 25 when she was dropped into Queenship and expected to be the face of a nation. She not only became the face of her own country but also served her country as a beacon of grace and honor for over 70 years as the monarch. She was the head of the country over her husband, and she served as a ruler without forcing intimidation upon others but gave herself with such poise and class that truly set the scene for her reign. She left behind a legacy of kindness and elegance told by her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even her granddaughter-in-law, Meghan Markle. Those who knew her best always spoke and continued to speak highly of her in her passing. As the country’s figurehead, the Queen is under constant scrutiny with the added pressure of the general public, who gravitate toward tearing others down, especially those in positions of power, fame and wealth.

In contrast to the celebrities of this age, the Queen was beloved by many all over the world, as can be seen by the constant presence of mourners in England that still visit London daily to pay respects and who wait in line for hours to attend her funeral viewing. To be loved is truly a gift, and to be adored by your own country is a special honor reserved for the few. Queen Elizabeth showed girls what it looks like to hold their heads high and never let their crown drop, even in the face of adversity. She showed herself as an example for women everywhere, including me, that you can be a woman in power without the fear of being called loud, overbearing, or bossy, as many of us hear growing up, and to always hold yourself with as much poise as she did.

In this sense, a monarch like Queen Elizabeth will never be seen again. She was a powerful and shining light that served as the longest British Monarch in History and yet still had a reputation that every American President would envy. While her legacy may be remembered as the length of her reign or the family she leaves behind, her true legacy will be how she managed to keep her beautiful class and reputation intact for over 70 years as a country’s figurehead. Her legacy is her dignity, not what she wore or who she knew but her true heart as a human. That is all one could ever hope to be remembered by.


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