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Manicured Men

Photos By: Samuel Bradley/The Guardian-,Getty images, Denise Truscello, and Vogue Korea

Men & Nail Polish- breaking gender roles and the stigma around nail polish.

As a woman, it has always been a part of my normal routine to paint my nails. Men have started to embrace the manicure trend, and this new grooming technique has become more conventional (even though no one ever should've given a sh!t).

Even before the lock down, men wearing nail polish was a thing, but ever since the world-wide shutdown, this trend has become more wide spread. It feels like every time I scroll on Instagram or TikTok I see men with their freshly painted nails.

Many influencers, artists, e-boys and boys from my hometown have started to embrace this trend. Celebrities have spoken out that by breaking this once strictly female stereotype, they are gaining a sense of freedom, and just a simple coat of polish can elevate their self confidence.

Gen Z is filled with leaders; there is no reason to be tied down to anything anymore. There are no excuses. Dare to break society norms and gender norms, because frankly, who gives a damn. Scrolling through Instagram and seeing my favorite artist, Paul Jason Klein, in his chipped black nail polish, I can see his confidence as he is living out his most true self. This confidence should give you the courage to do whatever brings you the most joy, even if you may have to break a few "rules" to do so.

Beauty and style is a form of self expression and should never be tied down by gender norms. And nobody can ever take that power away from you. Do what you want with your body and flaunt what you want to flaunt.

To the people who still have a problem with men in a little paint- grow up. Who cares what other people are doing as long as it brings them happiness. So go out and buy yourself some of Harry Styles' favorite nail polish (Mint Candy Apple by Essie), paint your friends finger nails and live your best life.

Cheers to living unconventional and freely. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of paint to get you there.


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