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Movies For Your V-Day Mood

By: Sydney Harrison

Valentine’s day can be a happy day for some or a day that can be upsetting and lonely for others. But do not fret, movies are great for however you feel or whatever mood you’re in. Here are some movies that are perfect for any mood you might be in this valentine’s day.

When you’re hanging with your girl squad

Whether you are celebrating Galantine’s Day or spending Valentine’s Day with your girl squad, these movies are perfect to watch with your best friends and celebrate friendship! Valentine’s day might just be any other day for you, but these movies will make you feel grateful for your friendships and hopeful for a future love.

· Clueless

· Bridesmaids

· Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

· Mean Girls

· Legally Blonde

· Valentine’s Day

· Thelma and Louise

When you want to cry

Valentine’s Day can suck! So, if you want to cry, these movies are great. You will for sure shed a tear. Nicolas sparks movies are classic tear jerkers, but these are the best to cry too. Grab some ice cream and tissues!

· The Notebook

· A Walk to Remember

· The Last Song

· Dear John

· Call Me by Your Name

· The Fault in Our Stars

When you’re in love

If you’re in love, Valentine’s Day can be awesome. Love is beautiful and your partner is amazing! These movies highlight how perfect, fun and surprising love can be. Watch these movies if you’re in love and can’t believe how amazing love can be.

· Princess Bride

· You’ve Got Mail

· 10 Things I Hate About You

· Serendipity

· Say Anything

· Pretty Women

When you think love sucks

Valentine’s Day can be hard for people who just got their heart broken or just think love sucks. These movies are great at showing that love sometimes isn’t all its chopped up to be. Love can hurt and it can be awful and these movies highlight that perfectly. So ugly cry, eat ice cream and yell at how awful love can be by watching these movies!

· Blue Valentine

· The Breakup

· Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

· 500 Days of Summer

· Forgetting Sarah Marshall

· Crazy, Stupid, Love


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