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Nightlife: Unscripted

No staging. No planning. Just raw fashion styled by people.

Written by: Emily West

In an ode to the esteemed fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, modmuze takes a new approach to street style photography. No pre planned styling, just raw fashion styled by people. From their closets to our favorite nightlife spots.

Styles included lots of layering, leather and Y2K influence. From low rise jeans to cropped t-shirts to vibrant prints and colors, the endless combos of these recurring themes can be seen across nightlife spots in Stillwater.

Overall, nightlife is a great place to pull inspiration from for street styling because most of the time it mixes comfortability with the trends of today. The trend report included: layered necklaces, leather jackets, fun colored or printed pants, statement bags, '90s inspired sneakers, jeans and vintage t-shirts. Whether you are just going out to dinner with some friends or grabbing a drink with your girls, street style is an easy way to feel good about yourself and your style and still be comfortable.


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