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No such thing as a perfect match

Bigger is Bolder. Bold is Beautiful.

Written by: Emily West

Photo: Getty Images

The use of patterned clothing generates visually interesting and unique outfits that go beyond a simple expression of style. But more often than not, patterns are played safe.

With the outbreak of patterns being used in fashion today, it's curious that more people are not stepping outside the box and mixing patterns to create vibrant, lively ensembles that break out of the stigma that mixing patterns is bad.

The crime of pattern on pattern does not exist. In fact, pattern on pattern creates opportunities to highlight some of the most iconic pieces in your wardrobe in one fashion moment. And so many brands across the globe have incorporated pattern mixing into their identity and have shown how styling patterns can still be classy and fashion-forward.

Mixing patterns can still give off a polished, put-together vibe while still being expressive. One of the biggest misconceptions that drive the stigmas around pattern mixing is that they cant. But these brands are moving away from the stigmas that patterns "clash" and instead invite the idea that patterns can work really well together without "perfectly matching."

Influencers worldwide are also adopting this technique of styling and people, well, they can't get enough of it. Pattern mixing is bold. It's beautiful. For so long, the door to patterns has been shut off, but it's now wide open and pouring out an endless realm of possibilities.

For those looking for a way to up their game or even express their personality more, pattern mixing is a great styling method to try, and, more than that, it's a great way to highlight all the funky, unique pieces you have in your closet.

Plaid. Striped. Floral. Checkered. Doesn't matter. There are so many examples of how to mix them all without making it look like you got dressed in the dark. Not to say that you cant wear solids, but pattern mixing is a great way to push your own personal boundaries and try something new.

Patterns add so much life to an outfit and express confidence - the confidence to be bold.

Mix it up. Make it vibrant. Try something new.

Those are the principles the fashion industry thrives on. If no one ever stepped outside the box, we'd never see new trends emerge from the crowd. Pattern mixing is the trend now, but who knows, on your journey to step outside the comforts of your fashion style, you may discover the next trending idea.

And if pattern mixing isn't your vibe, well, no harm no foul. Maybe it'll open another door to a stylistic choice you'd never even considered before. That's the beauty of fashion trends and styles, they're gateways to bigger and better. They aren't always for everyone but everyone should try them once because they can lead you to something extraordinary; something that may just be perfect for you. You may find a perfect fit stemming from a match you never quite expected.


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