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Social distancing, but make it fashion

Carson Kroeker, modmuze's lead stylist, takes us through a week of her everyday wear.

By: Morgan Malget and Carson Kroeker

If you know Carson Kroeker, you know that she always brings her A game when it comes to fashion. Whether she's dressing for class or dressing for a night out, Kroeker is sure to be the most stylish in the room. She has an eye for picking out pieces that most people would look over. Kroeker is also passionate about sustainbaility, and many of her favorite pieces are from thrift or secondhand stores. This is why her wardrobe is so unique and one of a kind. Kroeker makes bold choices, experiments with new trends and she's not afraid to stand out form the crowd. Below, Kroeker walks us through a week of her outfits.


To start the week, I got dressed up and braced the rain to support some local coffee. My sister and I went to our favorite cafe, Shades of Brown, located in Brookside, Tulsa. My blazer was thrifted and cropped, inspired by one of my favorite small brands, Orseund Iris. I paired it with high-waisted trousers and accessorized with minimalistic pieces, a tote and cameo.


My current quarantine read is a book I borrowed called “Live Green: 52 steps for a more sustainable life” by Jen Chillingsworth. I purchased these overalls on sale over two years ago and never even took off the tags... Since quarantine, I painted flowers, inspired by Jacquemus, and turned them into my gardening overalls. They make me so happy.


This look is inspired by 2000s fashion. My top is thrifted and the jeans are Levi’s. I accessorized with a tiny zebra purse from Thriftsters (insta @thriftsterss), hairclips on either side of my face, and my favorite pair of sandals from Sobo Co. (insta @_thesobo_). The look is simple compared to my usual busy outfits. Early 2000s inspired trends are all the rage recently, but these styles can be easily found at your local thrift store so consider dropping in to find on trend pieces. Accounts mentioned are a couple of my favorite secondhand shops.


Soaking in the sun in For Love & Lemons (SPF applied of course). I paired the high waisted mesh skirt over the cheeky bikini bottoms to add more coverage. The bikini top has removable sheer puffy sleeves. The flower print is so romantic, I couldn’t resist a dramatic peony moment.


It stormed all day, so I stayed snuggled in bed exploring Vogue Editorials for some inspiration for my next photoshoot. I draped my oversized barn denim jacket that was my mother’s in the mid 1990s over my cropped ribbed tank and mini shorts. One of my current favorite pieces are my white ruffle lace socks that kick in nostalgia of childhood Mary Jane’s and sundresses.


When buying a garment that isn’t second hand, I typically shop from local and small brands/shops. Since pieces that aren’t from thrift stores tend to be more pricey, I always divide the cost with the amount of times I believe I will wear it. This newspaper dress is from Modern Mess (insta @mymodmess). This little number is my pieces; I’ve worn it more times than I can count because it is so chic and was made to be worn and loved. My accessories were all purchased secondhand. The sneakers were under $25 from Poshmark.


I spent the afternoon at Tulsa’s Rose Garden. The entire outfit is vintage. The dress is handmade from the 1960s. My favorite color this season is peridot, and my wardrobe definitely emphasizes this. I accessorized with an elastic belt with a butterfly clasp. My oversized early 1980s/late 1970s style frames were $5 from a thrift store. I traded out the lenses with my prescription for less than $40.


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