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Spooky Spots near Stillwater

The best season of the year is finally upon us: spooky season! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. After talking with friends and learning of some abandoned spots right here in Stillwater, I decided to do some research and find out why these places were abandoned and just how many places like these were around. After looking into it, I found a whole website dedicated to showcasing abandoned places to visit in Oklahoma. Below, I have listed some spooky spots close to Stillwater to check out this Halloween season.

1. Cedar Cut Farms

Located in Stillwater, Cedar Cut Farms is an abandoned farm. The farm has been abandoned since the 1980s and features abandoned barns and farming equipment.

2. Logan Memorial Hospital

Built in 1925, Logan Memorial Hospital was abandoned in 1978 and is in Guthrie, OK. For years after being abandoned, this old hospital was said to be haunted and people claim to have seen lights flicker and other paranormal occurrences. As of this year, the abandoned hospital has been renovated and turned into an apartment complex called The Villas of Benedictine Pointe Apartments.

3. Pawnee Care Center

An abandoned nursing home, Pawnee Care Center is located just about 30 minutes northeast of Stillwater in Pawnee, OK. The nursing home was built in 1968 and was last used in 1996. Around the late 80s or early 90s, residents of Pawnee Care Center became displeased with the nursing home and began moving to other nursing homes. When only three of the patients were left, the Pawnee Care Center had to close its doors for good. The building is still abandoned to this day and has been gutted.

4. Norfolk School

Norfolk School was built in 1922 and abandoned in 1958. It is located in Yale, OK and has been gutted. The school closed in 1958 due to financial hardship and low enrollment.

5. Skedee, OK (Disappearing town)

Skedee is located in Pawnee County and became a town in the early 1900s. When Oklahoma became a state in 1907, Skedee had 277 residents. As decades passed, the population began to dwindle until there were only 96 residents left in 1990. As a result of the decline in population, Skedee’s post office was closed in 1963. Many of the buildings left behind in Skedee still contain items. School books, desks, maps and supplies can still be found in the abandoned Skedee school.

It’s so crazy to see abandoned buildings that used to be part of a community. Buildings that are not renovated and just left to sit seem to serve as a reminder of the time and history of when they were used.

To check out more abandoned spots right here in Oklahoma, you can visit the website I found at


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