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Spring Closet Must-Haves

2021 Spring trends everyone needs in their closet.

Written by: Peyton Hosier

As we welcome the spring season and say goodbye to our sweaters and coats, it's time to begin shopping for must-haves this spring season. Through social media, magazines, and fashion influencers, we have seen many new trends approaching this spring season which means they must be in your closet. This past year has been historic not only within the world but also in the fashion world. Recently within fashion, we have seen a rise of garments and styling similar to past decades, and I'm not mad about it. As a world, more and more people are using fashion to express the past year and move on from lockdown through color and styles. This year's spring must-haves and closet staples include a wide range of garments, colors, and styles


This year we have seen a rise of pastel colors within not only clothing but also shoes and accessories. As we continue into spring, pastels will continue to rise in popularity and will be seen almost everywhere within the fashion industry. Pairing pastels with other pastels are also becoming a popular trend, for example, pastel yellow and purple have been two popular color combos seen within fashion. Pastel closets can include a dress, a cropped transitional sweater, or a blazer. Although all these garments are not new trends, buying them in a pastel color will make your closet trendier.


Recently many celebrities, including the Kardashians, have been seen wearing headscarves influenced by the 50s and 60s. There are many fashion influencers wearing headscarves styled in different ways. Often, fashion influencers are seen wearing them wrapped around a low bun, tied around the neck, tied onto purses or they wear them as a headscarf making it very versatile.

White Jeans

Although white jeans have been in style for multiple years, they will always be a spring staple/must-have in your closet. As skinny jeans begin to fade out, wide-legged white jeans have become very popular within the fashion industry and have been seen being worn by fashion influencers. Although you may have a white pair of skinny jeans, this season switches them out for a pair of white wide-legged jeans.

Square Toed Heels

As the weather begins to warm up and people start switching from boots to sandals, multiple fashion influencers and bloggers are beginning to style square-toed heels or sandals with 90s style jeans. The square-toed heel makes the legs look longer, and they are very flattering on all types of bodies making them a must-have for your closet. These heels pair well with jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Square-toed heels are easily my favorite trend we are seeing this spring.

Small Handbags

Just like in the 2000s, the smaller the handbag, the trendier you are. As we transition into spring, multiple fashion influencers and bloggers have been seen on social media posing with their small handbags in pictures. This has created a rise in demand for small handbags. The most common styles include brown or pastel colors and leather or fake crocodile. Overall, the smaller the handbag, the better this spring.


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