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Wellness Day Activities

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

A list of destinations and suggestions for your next day off.

Written by: Kalynn Schwandt

Image by: Vivi Freeman

One thing that 2021 has given us at Oklahoma State University is wellness days. As spring break was cut from this semester, the university blocked off three days total among February, March, and April. With the intention of giving students a day off to recharge, the campus is open but with no classes. The February wellness day held 60-degree temperatures and sunny skies. For me, I spent the majority of the day outdoors, relaxing with friends.

I started out having brunch with a group of friends. I could tell that the day would be one to remember and it served as a great reset. With another wellness day in March, here are some ideas on how to spend your next wellness day.

Lake McMurty Go walking, kayaking, or even play disc golf at Lake McMurty! This lake is only around 10 miles outside of Stillwater and would make a beautiful day even better. For more info, check out

Gloss Mountains Arguably, there’s nothing better than a road trip with friends alongside your favorite playlist. If you’re in the mood for a car ride on your next wellness day, check out the Gloss Mountains in Fairview, OK! This state park with the prettiest views is a little under two hours away. Look into the Gloss mountains here.

Alabaster Caverns If you are in need of an even longer road trip than the Gloss Mountains, then the Alabaster Caverns are the perfect spot for a single day getaway! A little over two and a half hours away, you can visit beautiful natural gypsum caves. Read more into the caverns here.

The Botanic Garden Enjoy a quick and easy afternoon activity at OSU’s Botanic Garden! Check out the floral views and walking paths that the garden has to offer. For more info on The Botanic Garden, check out

Other than these outdoor destinations, there are plenty of other options for a wellness day well-spent!

Start that series you’ve been dying to watch! My personal recommendations for movies would have to be Freaky Friday (Disney Plus), Rocketman (Hulu), or Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana (Netflix). TV-wise, I would have to go with Schitt’s Creek (Netflix), Below Deck (Peacock), or Yellowstone (Peacock).

Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure with friends! There's nothing better than getting pampered on your day off. Or even simpler, grab your favorite face mask and nail color from Walmart for a relaxed day in.

Inside or outside, rain or shine, there’s nothing better than a day off. Take the day and run with it — on wellness day, the world is yours! In the grand scheme of things, one day off doesn’t seem like much, but it can do wonders if you let it. Take advantage of this time to recharge, in the name of self-care!


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